Our focus:

  • Good Governance, because since independence Sri Lanka has contended with the challenges of governing a multi-ethnic society with competing demands of majority and minority interests, with pressure to achieve significant development goals;
  • Civic Liberties, because civil strife and regional disparities in economic dividends has left the country with deficits in the realm of human security;
  • Sustainable Development, because this deficit has resulted in certain regions becoming isolated from the development framework, creating a yearning for a return to normalcy, and a need to target specific socio-economic measures

Our overarching objectives, in these spheres will be to

  • Promote accountability and transparency before the eyes of the people in need, within and without the humanitarian sector, including all governing bodies at local and national levels
  • Maintain a clear focus on human lives, together with a fuller understanding of the coverage of human rights, which includes not just political freedom and civil liberties but also societal concern with food, medical attention, basic education, and other elementary ingredients of human lives

Keeping in mind that development is a global dream with global participants

Our strategy will be to

  • Facilitate and enable the realization of these objectives to provide
    –  New ideas on the way we should go
    –  New synergies that we can create
    –  New methods of intervening in a professional and accountable manner
    –  New focus on optimizing outcomes
  • Coordinate all efforts to achieve these objectives by
    –  Inviting new investments to make this journey possible
    –  Inviting new actors and collaborations to partner us in this journey
    –  Creating a commitment to Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Advocate on behalf of our beneficiaries and workers to provide
    –  New opportunities for people to raise their voices
    –  New requirements that need our attention
    –  New avenues that are available to bring these needs to the ears of those who can make a difference
    –  A commitment to Justice, Fair Play, Empathy with Society and Environment